Vanessa Hudgens new video

Vanessa Hudgens new single "SneakerNight" Review

So I was looking around and I noticed that Vanessa Hudgens from the Disney Channels movie "High school Musical" had a new song called "Sneakernight" so I watched it. I thought that the video was alright because it was colorful and it didn't have the usual big booty ho's in the background or the expensive cars. It was just her and her friends going out and having fun and she has to wear her sneakers cause they are going to dance all night long. The song stank though. It was a real bad stench too.

What kind of crap is that song anyways??

Were the people who made this song deaf or what? I guess it was good for little girls that listen to music but Vanessa is 20 now and should be coming up with better songs than that. Especially since in Aug 2007 on the Teen Choice Awards she was named Choice Breakout Singer and beat out Amy Winehouse, Katharine McPhee, Corrine Bailey Raie and Lily Allen.

Maybe she is trying to get her innocent reputation back since she had those naked pictures of herself leaked all over the world on Sept 6th 2007. Once that happens no one forgets sh*t like that.

There are other songs on her upcoming CD "Identified" like "Hook Me Up" that are better than "Sneakernight". But hey, she's just starting out so her label might be making her sing these cheesy songs. Who knows...

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