Hottie of my lifetime

Christiano Ronaldo = Hottie

Cristiano Ronaldo is one piece of hot sexy man meat.  I think he is just the hottest thing.  I use to think that no one could beat my husband, David Beckham but this guy... WOW!!!!!!!! Now I don't know about that anymore..  

I saw his pictures from his vacation and oh my good lord.. what a hot body.  And his girlfriend is pretty hot too. 

Damn bitch! :)

Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro was born on Feb 5th 1985 which makes him an aquarius like me, in Funchal Madeira.  He's a Portuguese football player who plays as right winger for the Portuguese national team, Manchester United.

He's 6ft. 1 and every inch of him is just pure loveliness.  He was named after Ronald Regan because that was his fathers favorite actor and U.S. President at the time.  He has a brother and two sisters.

I just wanted to show everyone how smoking hot he is.. He get's a Leslie Star award.

Congrats to you Cristiano!!!

Cristiano Ronaldo

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