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Pontypool - The Worst Movie Ever!

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Wanna see the worst movie you have ever seen in your life? 

If this is your mission than you better run to the theatres cause it opens on March 6th, in Vancouver and Montreal on March 13th, in Calgary and Edmonton on March 20th and finally in Ottawa on March 27th.

The director Bruce McDonald was there and he was even going to answer any questions that anyone had at the end of the film and people were leaving half way through the movie.

The announcer at the screening even said there was a prize at the end and hardly anyone stayed for that!

Pontypool is about a guy named Grant Mazzy played by Stephen Mchattie and he gets a job at a radio station called CLSY Radioas an announcer in Pontypool Ontario.  He finds out very quickly that this job isn't what he thinks it is going to be. It is broad-casted from the small town's church basement.


Sydnay Blair also played a big role.  She was the radio station's producer and she was played by Lisa Houle.  I think she did good with the role she was presented but the whole flick was whack.

Lisa Houle in Pontypool

Grant Mazzy reports on everyday breaking news which are big things for a small town but one day they get some news about people going crazy and acting like animals and speaking in weird languages.  It turns out that the English language is infectious and once a specific word is said then people turn into zombies and eat each other.

Need I say more..

I have to say though.. I really enjoyed Laural Ann Drummond in the movie.  She is played by Georgina Reilly and she has a playful love interest for the radio host, Grant and thinks that everything that comes out of his mouth is amazing.  She was really cute in the movie and she acted out the part well.

Georginia Reilly

I found that the movie could have gone so many places and been so good but again I was let down with cheesiness and unemotional acting.

If you like dumb zombie movies than this is the one for you.  However there wasn't much blood and guts which was disappointing for me.

Overall I give this movie a 2 out of 10 stars.. Ouch!

Pontypool Cast


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