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Quick Nail Polish Tricks and Info

Hey everyone!

I love to switch up my nail polish color to go with my different outfits quite regularly, but I find that my nails get yellow when I don't let my nails just breathe in the fresh air without polish  on them.

My toe nails do that too so I have bought this miracle polish by Witchcraft called "Nail Whitener" and I just put it on before I put on the colored nail polish and it seems to work really well. 


It strengthens my nails too which is a plus but you can also buy other products from Witchcraft that specifically strengthen you nails if you need it or their cuticle oil is really good too and it smells really good.

There is a really good article on this website too,  http://www.womanjunction.com/topic/nail/nail-whitening/ for how to keep your nails white and not stained after you use a dark color nail polish.

I think OPI nail polish is the absolute best if you use a base coat because it actually goes on the color you think it will by judging from the outside of the bottle.  There are tons of beautiful colors to choose from and they all have really unique names which make it fun.

OPI Nail Polish

Also the quality of their polish is so much better and it might be more expensive but you really do get what you pay for.  They are anywhere from 7.50-13 bucks each depending on where you go.

If you want to put on a couple coats of polish to make them extra pretty but you are too lazy to sit for hours to wait for them to dry like me, you can run them under cold water for a bit and they will certainly dry but don't touch them right away because they will smudge.

You can also run the hairdryer on them.. Or.. You can put 2 coats on before you go to bed and then put the top coat on in the morning so the other layers are already dry and ready for the top coat.

There is also a handy machine called "Nail Polish Dryer" and you just put batteries in it and put your hand in it and under the dryer and in a couple of minutes your nails will be dry.  Make sure you don't buy a cheap one because they will only blow out cold air and that won't work well.  They also sell mini fans and you just hold your hand in front of it.

Mini Nail Polish Drying FanExample of a Nail Polish Dryer

If you have any nail polish tips or any other handy beauty secrets please do let me know by leaving a comment or sending me an email at lesliestar@leslistar.ca.

I would really appreciate it and I would like to share it with everyone :)

Leslie Star

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