Miley's Twitter Page Was Hacked

Miley Can't Catch A Break

Miley has had a rough year with all the controversy and she's only 16.  Her Twitter page was hacked into!  It says..

“I’m not a fucking role model. I hate little kids, I only do Hannah Montanna for da $$$$$$$$$.”

“Me and Mandy had sex n Hannah Montanna wigs.”

Mandy is Miley's best friend.  I think it's kind of funny what they put on Twitter page but she is only 16 and it must be hard for her sometimes to deal with everything that goes on in her life.

She does make a lot of money but the pressure of fame must be difficult for someone that is so young.  Not to mention the pressure of the teen years is hell anyway but to live it in the spotlight has damaged a lot of young lives. (aka Lindsay Lohan)

They also put that she will be posing for Playboy which I am sure a lot of perverted old men would like to see.

I think Miley is a really pretty girl and I think she is talented and it's a shame that she can't just be kind of behind the scenes like Taylor Swift because she doesn't really get talked about that much but is still a huge superstar.

Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus

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  1. i love miley and taylor! i took my 3 yr old lil boy to see her new movie and it was adorable...he loved it! and i also love taylor as well. i love country music and she is one of my favs...cuz she writes it all herself! and i hated joe jonas for breaking up with her!!!!