Casey Anthony's Diary Found

Casey's Murder Journal Being Investigated

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Casey Anthony is one screwed up human being if I can even call her that.

5 days before Caylee Marie went missing her mother, Casey Anthony wrote in her diary.

What Casey wrote in her diary can now hopefully put her in prison for the rest of her life for the horrible killing of her 2 year old daughter Caylee Marie Anthony.

Here is what she wrote.

June 21st:

"I have no regrets, just a bit worried."  "I completely trust my own judgment I know that I made the right decision. I just hope that the end justifies the means."
"This is the happiest that I have been in a very long time."


1. The investigators have traced duct tape, plastic bags and a canvas laundry bag at the murder scene that have linked back to the Anthony home.

2. A heart shaped sticker was found on the duct tape that was horribly stuck to little Caylee's mouth and that links back to her room.

3. Annie Downing, who was a friend of the Anthony's,  said that Casey was always jealous for the love that Cindy, Casey's mother, had for Caylee.

4. Casey almost admitted herself into the mental institution because she thought she was going crazy back in 2006 and 2007 and had apparently discussed it with her mother and she then decided against it.

Caylee and Casey

What do you think will happen to Casey?


  1. I hope she doesn't get the death penalty because that would be an easy way out for her and she would probably prefer that. It would only hurt her family. I hope she rots in jail for the rest of her life. Part of me hopes she didn't do it and gets out.

  2. Until Casey confesses to her crime, there is no hope for her.She is causing all this pain to her family, no one else is. She is selfish beyond words, and she ought to be given a choice of fessing up and getting life in prison, or continuing with the lies...and be executed. Either way, her parents and brother shouldnt blame anyone but Casey for their anguish.

  3. Thank you so much for your comment dana victoria.. !!!

  4. There's more to add up to it when I came home friday night watching Nancy Grace I figured all along that she's been lying her own grandmother(Shirley Plesea) came forward telling the investigators that piece of shit stole her checkbook from out of her purse and forged her name by stealing $54.00 plus more then that to buy caylee a birthday cake and other stuff and she even stole money and used for selfish reasons and Shirley even tolod them that casey wouldn't even come clean to explain about her daughters whereabouts ,Cindy should have known that bastard was lying ,cheating and stealing but worst than that she was also getting high and drunk to boot to all the partying and shit Rick (Casey's uncle )sure as hell was right about what the hell she was doing but Cindy was too stupid by refusing to believe the truth well she damn was and so was her fucking asshole daughter without a conscience!

  5. This is such a tragedy. I can't even wrap my brain aroun.d what George and Cindy Anthony must be going through at this point. CASEY HAS NEVER BEEN A VICTIM OF ANYBODY, ESPECIALLY NOT OF INCEST AT THE HANDS OF GEORGE AND LEE. She is an evil sociopathic narcissist that lived her facade of a life by stealing and spinning story after story to suit whatever she wanted at the time. I truly believe that her house of cards built on her foundation of lies was about to come down around her. Cindy and George obviously ADORED Caylee and Casey knew that she had the ultimate bargaining chip. She knew her Mom would tolerate whatever she dished because she didn't want Casey to take off where she couldn't be sure that Caylee was taken care of. When Cindy caught Casey stealing from her grandfather, Cindy attempted to draw the line. That's when Casey took off with Caylee and killed her. It was bound to happen as Caylee was getting old enough to expose Casey's lies and George already started questioning Caylee about what they would do everyday at Zanny's house.
    Casey's biggest motivation is that she will do whatever it takes to get what she wants. Wheather it be from her parents, brother, grandparents, friends and boyfriends. The free ride was coming to an end, her gig was just about up and she was pissed about it! She wanted to hurt Cindy and George and she just did what she'd always done, used her own baby to attain her dual goal of hurting her Mom and ridding herself of her little truth teller. I can only hope and pray that Caylee was not tortured, scared and was unconscience while her sorry excuse for a Mommy took her life. My heart goes out to Caylee, Cindy, Lee and George.... NOBODY deserves what Casey has done to them. She is the opitome of evil! Now her defense team wants to cry incest and in a society that is always pointing the finger at someone else and is never accountable for themselves, some are lapping it up. It is just another of her many lies, I am an adult survivor of childhood sexual abuse and in my 39 years on this planet I have had the priveledge to know hundreds of survivors (both personally and professionaly). There is not even one alive that would leave their child with their abuser! Not one! We actually become way over protective and have to work really hard at not becoming neurotic as a result. The ONLY way I may have bought this is if there was testimony saying that Casey never really took to Caylee, she was detatched and distant with her. By all accounts she was a very loving and attentive Mom, you can't have it both ways! Or perhaps if Casey would have said these things in the very begining and told LE where to find her daughters body I may have believed it. I get that everyone needs some sort of explaination as to why she killed her daughter. The fact is that she did it because she wanted to and she was able to do it because she is just downright EVIL. Whatever happens in court happens, I do hope that these journal entries exist and that they come to light. No matter what happens, one day Casey will have to face up to what she has done, NOBODY is exempt from God's law. I would hate to be Casey on that day and all of the eternal days thereafter. God help her.