Blake Released From Prison

Blake Breaks Free From Jail

Blake Fielder-Civil

Why did they let him out?

Does this mean bad news for Amy Winehouse's successful recovery?

I wish Blake Fielder-Civil would have been locked up for a lot longer than what he was.  He was sentenced for a 27 month stay for obstruction of justice and his part in an assault on a bar owner and an attempt to cover up the crime with a bribe of $400,000 to keep him quiet.

Although Blake did plead guilty to being on Coke and alcohol that is no excuse.. Especially since he broke James King's (bar owner) cheekbone and that meant that he had to have metal plates in his face and he still has to get medial attention because of it.

Blake is the one that got Amy hooked on all the drugs.. Bastard..

He has nearly died from a drug overdose in prison and was getting Amy to autograph lots of pictures so that he could sell them for drugs.

Now that is pretty low..

Amy and Blake are officially getting a divorce according to Amy's mother Janis.  Blake filed for divorce when he saw that Amy had been canoodling with other men like rugby player Joshua Bowman in St. Lucia.

Amy and Joshua

Does this mean that Amy is going to get her Blake tattoo removed?

Unless she gets with another Blake... That would be handy!Amy's Blake Tattoo

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