Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore

Hugh Grant & Drew Barrymore R An Item

What the hell is wrong with Drew Barrymore lately? 

First she showed up to the to the Golden Globes this year looking like  complete pill popping old lady with 80's pink lipstick and her teeth were so yellow.

She also got her tongue pierced mind you and she's almost 34.  I understand that she has always been a free spirited young lady with a lot of spunk but it just seems like she has been a little off lately.  She says that ever since she got her tongue pierced she has lost a lot of weight but she has been unlucky in love. 

I guess that extra hole in your body helped now huh?

Drew Barrymore

Now the hot new rumor is that Hugh Grant and her are dating.  EWWWW...

Once a cheater always a cheater. 

Don't you all remember when Hugh cheated on on Elizabeth Hurley with that hooker?  In case you don't remember Drew and you think he won't do this to you.. Here is his mugshot.

Hugh Grant's Mug Shot

Apparently they have been all over each other at parties making out in public.  Is it the accent?  Cause not even the accent would do it for me if it was Hugh.  Yucky.

They were in the movie "Music and Lyrics" together and I liked their chemistry in that film but in real life.. IT WON'T LAST!!!

Drew Barrymore and Hugh Grant

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