It's A Special Day Today

It's My 27th Birthday

Not only did the groundhog predict that it would be 6 more weeks of winter.. *sigh..

But it is my birthday today!

I am 27 years young today.


My boyfriend said that I'm a cougar now...

Poor me..

I don't have much planned tonight.  My niece is coming over we are ordering italian food. Yumm... We are probably going to watch "House Bunny" cause I rented that movie last night.

I watched "Pineapple Express" last night too and I didn't really think it was that funny.  It was being compared to "Tropic Thunder" and I thought that movie was hilarious..

Also a happy birthday for Christie Brinkley and Farrah Fawcett as they share this wonderful birthday with me..

Have a good day everyone.. :)

Happy Birthday Balloons

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