Amy Quits Crackie For Whacky Tobacky

Amy Winehouse Off Drugs ?

Amy Winehouses Mug Shot

Anything is better than crack and all the other stuff she was probably shoving in her veins, up her nose or wherever she could find a place for it. YUCK!

Since Amy has been in the Caribbean Islands at St. Lucia, she has traded in her drug habits for something less life threatening and that's Marijuana.

She says it helps her quench her habit to use harder drugs.  I guess she is trading one habit in for another.  She now smokes about 10 doobies in the morning and then gets up and gets fit with her personal trainer.

"Amy hasn't touched crack or cocaine for months. She has been really good. Drugs are easy to get in St Lucia but she has just stuck to smoking dope," said a source close to the singer.

She use to smoke weed all the time but she said she smoked so much of it that she went up to a size 12 (which I don't believe).  When she stopped she dropped down to a size 8 rapidly and everyone was very worried about her.  She says that everyone thought she looked better heavier but she didn't feel good about herself.

Amy has struggled with eating disorders for most of her life and says that she is just now getting happier about herself since she has been in St. Lucia.

Ever since her and Blake broke up she has been on the path of recovery and I am so happy for her.  She better not get back with him.. EW!

Amy and Blake

She was photographed at a archeology site with her new St. Lucia friends.  They found some bones that were 1000 years BC.

Who would have thunk that?

Not me.. I was giving up on Amy a long time ago but now she looks happy and healthy.

Although she does need a new wardrobe.... BADLY

I am proud of Amy and soon she may be performing on MTV’s World Stage" show where they have performances from all over the world every week.

I hope this is the case.. and Amy.. GET TO WORK ON THAT NEW ALBUM OF YOURS!!

Amy Winehouse Smoking Weed Before


  1. Can't believe it... I wonder how long it'll last.

  2. Let's hope it lasts forever! Thanks for your comment Roberto!