Chris Brown Beat Rihanna?

Chris Brown Arrested For Assault

Chris Brown and Rihanna

How could this happen?

Chris and Rihanna made the cutest couple.  It seems like they were so in love and they are so young and stylish..   But now Chris has been charged with making threats in the early morning at Hancock Park in Los Angeles just after the pre-Grammy party that was hosted by Clive Davis. 

911 were called and officers responded about an incident in which a woman accused Chris of hurting her.

Authorities have not identified who that woman was because of confidentiality agreements.  But everyone thinks it is Rihanna.

If he did hit her that will be the end of his career and it will be a huge year for her but I certainly hope that's not the case.

Rihanna was supposed to be the 2nd singer at the Grammy's last night.

She was supposed to perform "Live Your Life" and "Disturbia" but that was cancelled.

Chris Brown was suppose to be the 5th person to perform at the Grammy's last night but that was cancelled as well.

Chris Brown allegedly assaulted an unidentified woman the night before the Grammy's and now everyone believes it was Rihanna because she cancelled the Grammy's too and hasn't been photographed since.

He turned himself in to the LAPD authorities right when the Grammy's was being broadcasted.

He was held on the bail of $50,000 on Sunday night for one count of felony crimal threats.  He paid is own bail and is now out of jail but additional charges may be presented to him when his case is presented to the Los Angeles County district attorney's office.

The Grammy's quickly filled in their performances by Justin Timberlake, Boyz II Men, Al Green and Keith Urban which all did an outstanding job for pulling it together really fast.

Rihanna's publicist said that she is "Rihanna is well" but that doesn't tell us whether her boyfriend beat the sh*t out of her or not.

Let's hope this is not the case.

**Update**:It turns out that Rihanna is not well at all.  She has major contusions on both sides of her face and there are bumps so big on her head it look like "devil horns."  She also has a fat lip.  She has pictures to prove it too apparently.

According to "there are indeed bite marks on one of her arms and on several fingers."

What the hell is wrong with Chris Brown?  If this is true he should get his ass kicked.

Rihanna is claiming that Chris struck her with his fists and that's what did the damage.  Rihanna is not the one that called the police.  Someone in the area heard her screams and called 911.

Thank god for that Angel.  One of her family members is saying that RiRi is going back to Barbados to be with her family and get away from Chris Brown.

Chris is in some serious sh*t!

Stories get all mixed up sometimes so hopefully this is not what really happened.

Stay Tuned!

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