Jessica Simpson Forgets Words

Jessica Stressed Out Over Weight Gain Gossip

Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson opened for "The Rascal Flatts" in Grand Rapids, Michigan and she forgot the words to her song.

It is reported that she was so stressed out because of the world talking about her weight and also her boyfriend, Tony Romo wasn't able to make her show because he missed his flight so she was all a flutter.

That must be so difficult to go on stage knowing that everyone is talking about the way you look when you are trying to focus on your songs.

She apparently forgot some of the words  to "Come On Over" and said to the crowd,

"My voice is weak tonight and I feel so vulnerable onstage." 

She even stopped in one of her songs and asked to start over.  Too bad it is affecting her so much as she is a beautiful young girl that looks healthy and happy.

She showed off her figure in a pair of daisy duke shorts and fans thought that she looked phenomanal.

After her performance was over she told the crowd, "I'm excited – I get to see my boyfriend tomorrow, I love him so, so very much."

Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo

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