Casey Anthony Dresses In Suit

Casey Anthony is Crazy

Casey Anthony Smiling In Court

How could a woman that just found out that her baby was not only missing but was found dead, easily smile in the court room?

Not to mention that her father, George was found in a hotel with empty beer cans, a suicide note and empty prescription bottles.

She should be sobbing and barely able to sit down in the court room but instead she was smiling at everyone and her hair was slicked back in a perfect bun with an ugly tan suit jacket. 

Her hands were handcuffed and her feet in shackles on January 30th 2009 in the courtroom in the Orange County Courthouse in Orlando, Flordia.

How could anyone find this the least bit amusing to smile at all?

Something is seriously wrong with Casey Anthony who is just 22 years old.   Reports are suggesting that she is a sociopath but what about a psychopath as well?

Casey's parents Cindy and George were nowhere to be seen in the court room which shows me that they don't believe in her either. 

George is of course in the hospital because of the suicide attempt, but Cindy said she wasn't there because she didn't want to talk to the media.

If my daughter was in a mess like Casey Anthony is I would most definatly be in the court room to support her 100%.  That is their daughter and no matter what everyone says you should be there for them because they are your family. 

Maybe they believe that she did infact kill little Caylee Marie.

Casey hasn't shown sadness at all for the loss of her 3-year-old daughter Caylee since the day she went missing.

It seems like she is only sad for herself because she has to be in a cell by herself and the only time she sees anyone is when she is in court.

Maybe that's where the smiles are coming from?

Casey's attorney Jose Baez said that he is going to ask to move Casey's trial to another city.  That is probably because there is so much of a media frenzy and to get away from where Caylee was found. 

Also the prosecutors have stated that it could be a year before this case is actually ready to start. 

Good.. I hope she rots in prison before that.

Casey Anthony


  1. Looks to me she won't laughing anymore or ever lie her way out this one more new stuff just came an 1,100+ page document about the heart sticker found on a piece of duct tape from caylee anthony's remains sure as hell matched the stickers found at the house also there is a diary that bastard Casey had it all arranged and planned out from the beginning by killing her own daughter.

  2. She isn't crying or upset because she knows what she did to her little girl,there are no need for tears because she has the answers we are all looking for!! I want to know at what point she stopped being a mother & became the person we protect our children from!! Harming your child in anyway is unforgivable but to take your childs life & dispose of her like she was nothing more then garbage makes her a monster & I will be front row watching the trial until she is given what she deserves!! As far as her parents go, how many grandparents will let go of the fact that they have not seen their grand daughter in 2 months & not start asking questions until they got the answers they needed?? I talk to my mother everyday & the first thing she does is ask about her grandsons, something just doesn't sit well with that story for me!! Smile on Ms. Casey because when they hand you the death penalty the world will be smiling back at you!!!