Katy Perry and Benji Madden?

Katy & Benji Sitting in A Tree...

I think that Katy, 24 and Benji, 29 kind of make a weird couple. 

But reports have been suggesting that the two exchanged numbers and are now secretly dating.

They are apparently going out but they bring friends around them so it doesn't look as though they are together but they have their eyes set for each other. 

They were seen in Las Vegas on Valentine's Day together as Katy had a show at the Hard Rock Cafe and after she performed they headed to the Lavo night club.

Lavo Night Club in Las Vegas

A source from the couple said...

"They were with friends but you could definitely tell they were on a date! There wasn't any public making out but they were very "friendly" with each other."

Paris Hilton is going to be so pissed, as Benji Madden is her recent ex.

Paris Hilton and Benji Madden

 Benji has also lost a lot of weight recently and that could be because of his break up with Paris.  Everyone always loses weight after a breakup because you kind of forget about yourself when you are in a relationship and want to look your best when you see your ex again to make them jealous. :)

Katy Perry also just had a very public breakup with Travis Mccoy from Gym Class Heros.  He posted on his personal blog this whole poem about their relationship.  I thought that was pretty as*holish of him.

Katie Perry and Travis Mccoy

 Let's hope that Katy really does find love because she is a beautiful young celeb that should have a handsome young boyfriend that will treat her great. 

Everyone deserves love :)

Update:  Katy has denied these rumors and said that she isn't the type of girl that will just up and go out with just anyone.

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