Casey Anthony Escapes Death Penalty

Prosecutors Confirm No Death Penalty for Casey Anthony

Casey and Caylee Anthony

Casey Anthony escapes execution.  Casey Anthony again slips right under the radar and avoids getting prosecuted for the death penalty.


Casey Anthony has everything pointing at her that proves that she killed poor little Caylee Anthony who was just 2 years old.

Why does she get away with this?

All the evidence and Casey Anthony doesn't get the death penalty?

The stickers, chloroform, garbage bags, duct tape,  searches on her lap top, text message history and her partying ways right after her daughter Caylee went missing.  All this evidence...

What more did they need?

Casey Anthony has never had any prior arrests in Florida and that is probably why she avoided the death penalty.

There have been 52 men already executed because of the killing and torturing of small children.

397 people sit on death row right now that killed little children.

Why did she get away so easily?

There are some people that don't believe in the death penalty and if you can believe it ... there are still some people in the world that believe that Casey Anthony is innocent.

Some people say that she was accidentally killed because Casey had post-partum depression or some say it was an accident.  Whatever it was..

Casey did something wrong and should be prosecuted.

Casey Anthony's Highschool Picture

This is Casey Anthony's high school picture.  To know that Caylee Anthony will never get to go to high school or have a family of her own and to know that her own mother took her life, should be enough for prosecutors to give her the death penalty.

Casey Anthony didn't seem to sad in court today and even had the guts to smile again and be friendly with everyone and acknowledge her parents.
Does anyone else think that Lee Anthony, Casey's brother had something to do with the murder of Caylee Anthony? He just seems so suspicious and the way that he could laugh in his examination seemed really weird and f*cked up..

He believes everything that his sister has said even though he said that she lied to the police about the kidnapping of Caylee.

What is your thoughts about this case?

Lee Anthony's Examination

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  1. I don't believe Lee had anything to do with Caylee's murder. The Anthony family has already lost a grand-daughter and do not want to lose another family matter what kind of person she is.
    As far as Baez is concerned.....I think they are turning everything into a circus, no hopes of a mistrial.
    Casey needs a mental hospital..not prison. She is obviously a sick girl.