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Roberto Alomar Being Sued For Unprotected Sex

Roberto Alomar

New York Mets player Roberto Alomar Velázquez, 41 apparently had unprotected sex with 2 Mexican men who raped him after a baseball game when he was 17 years old and contracted HIV/AIDS.

Now his ex-girlfriend Ilya Dall who runs a massage parlor and is just 31, is suing Roberto for "personal injuries" and "permanent emotional distress" because he engaged in sexual intercourse with her and didn't let her know that he had AIDS.

She also has 2 children that they both lived with for 3 years and now is concerned for her children as they might have been exposed to his saliva and blood in his toothbrush in the bathroom.

The suit was filed on Jan. 30 2009 in the Queens Supreme Court.  Then Mr. Alomar had the case transferred to Brooklyn Federal Court on Feb. 10th 2009.

IIya is stating that Roberto started to show signs of AIDS in 2005 when he had white spots on his mouth and throat and he was always tired and had back aches and had trouble seeing.  He also had shingles too which are all signs of this disease.  He then told Ilya that he already had a test which came back negative.

In February of 2006 he took another HIV test that confirmed that he was in fact infected with HIV and that the previous tests that he took were incorrect.  A couple of days later Roberto's skin started to turn purple everywhere and he was foaming at the mouth.  He then preceded to get a spinal tap test done on Feb 21st 2006 which confirmed again that he had full blown AIDS.

She now is claimed that she has "post traumatic stress disorder." She tested negative for all the tests but now has "AIDS Phobia" which makes her believe that one day when she takes an AIDS test it will be positive.

That must be such a scary thought.

Roberto Alomar's hired a lawyer named Charles Bach and Ilya Dall hired Anthony Piancentini and both have decided not to comment on the case to the press.

Alomar is known for spitting in the face of John Hirschbeck, the umpire for a Toronto Blue Jays game on Jan. 19th 1997 when he was on the Baltimore Orioles team.

Roberto Alomar and John Hirschbeck

Isn't John concerned that he might have AIDS now?

Roberto played for the Toronto Blue Jays from 1991 to 1995 and he retired in 2005 because of health reasons.  It's kind of sad that the world world is about to find out that he has AIDS.  That is something that people want to keep private.

But maybe he kept it a little too private and that is why his ex is now suing him.

Robert Alomar

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