Casey Anthony Busted!

Casey Anthony caught with Contraband

Casey Anthony and Jose Baez

Someone smuggled in a bracelet with Caylee Marie's name on it stuffed in a sock and now Casey has been busted with contraband in jail.


Casey Anthony was slipped contraband in the suit she wore to court on Friday.  They found the Caylee Marie bracelet tucked in the clothes.

The bracelet said "Forever in our hearts Caylee Marie Anthony."

Casey's attorney Jose Baez wanted her to wear it in court so he apparently planted it in her belongings.

When the jail guards caught it, the bracelet was confiscated.

This is the second time Jose Baez has been caught doing something illegal in this trial.  The first time he was caught hugging Casey Anthony twice and you are not suppose to touch your clients or the inmates because of things like this.

How does her lawyer not know stuff like this.. Or if he does know.. Is he an idiot like Casey?


What will happen next?

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