Lady Gaga's New Video

Lady Gaga - Nothing Else I Can Say Eh Eh

I love this fashionista. 

Lady Gaga is so original and her style totally knocks everyone out of the water.  She use to go to school with the Hilton sisters and she says that they always use to look so "clean."

She is a lot more talented and a hell of a lot cleaner than Paris..

Athough Paris wants to do a song with her.

I mean her synthesyser does..

Lady Gaga's new album"The Fame" kicks some serious ass and her new video called "Nothing Else I Can Say Eh Eh" doesn't fall short either.

I love how here video has an Italian vibe because she's Italian and so am I.   I didn't know that about her.

This song is great and the colors and her hair, makeup and wardrobe in this video are to die for.

Love it all and I love Lady Gaga!

You go girl.. I mean Lady.. :)

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