Britney Cancels Tour?

Britney to cancel tour if she can't bring her children

Britney Spears and her snake

Oh my god. If this is true I will die cause I have tickets to her concert in April..

Apparently Britney is going to cancel her tour if she can't bring her children Sean Preston and Jayden James because of K Fed.  Damn him.. He always ruins everything.

Britney and her father Jamie are working out a plan that 3 houses would be stationed in New Jersey, New Orleans, and Los Angeles.  Apparently Kevin would have his own house close to them as well.

I guess it is only fair that the mother and father get to see their children and it must be especially hard when you are famous and going on tour..


I have been waiting far too long for this experience and I have my cousin Laura flying all the way from Nevada just to see you.. well and me of course.. :)

Britney is supposedly paying Mr. Federline an extra 4,000 a week to take care of the children while she is on tour.. PAY ME!!!  I will take better care of them then he will I am sure.. :)

Do you think Britney will cancel her tour if she can't bring her kids with her?  Why doesnt she just bring her mother or father to take care of them?

Only time will tell..  

Britney Spears and her kids

Update:  Kevin Federline gave in and the tour is gonna happen!  Now the Britney's tour won't be cancelled and that makes me so happy! :)  Yeah for Kevin.. Wow.. I can't believe I just said that.

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