Britney's For the Record

Britney Spears Is Rich But Still Lonely

I guess you can be the richest person in the world but if you don't feel free to just be yourself and do what you want, the world can feel like a prison.  That is exactly how Britney feels.

Britney's "For the Record" had disappointing ratings. 

Only 3.7 million people tuned in to watch it.

I thought that the show was good but she didn't talk about all the things she should have.  It was kind of false advertising because the commercials said that they were going to talk about drugs and no topic was out of the question to ask Britney.

She didn't talk about drugs.  She just said that she got caught up in the wrong people and before she knew it everything was spiraling out of control.

She also didn't talk about her famous pink wig or her insane British accent.

Or why she always walked around with no pants on.

She did say that the reason why she left her house all the time and drove around like a mad woman was because at home it felt like her children should be there and they weren't so it made her really sad.  She thought that if she could just go out that it wouldn't let her think about all the bad shit that was going on in her life.

Britney did talk about how she was really sad and how everyone takes advantage of her.  She said that they listen to her but they don't seem to hear what she is saying.  They just brush it off and never fully get how she is feeling.

I still don't see the sparkle in her eyes that she once had.

What happened to that sparkle? 

Was it the filthy one named Kevin?

I found her to be sad in the documentary.  She did break down once in the film but other than that I didn't really feel any closer to her or learn anything new about her that I didn't already know before this show aired.

If she wanted everyone to see her in a different light she should have spilled the beans a little more.

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