They Found Caylee's Body

Casey Anthony... ROT IN HELL

I never thought this day would come.  They finally found a little girls skull that is assumed to be Caylee Anthony's. 

The skull was found just a few hundred meters away from the Anthony's house.  A meter maid found the skull wrapped in a black garbage bag and when they picked up the bag the skull fell out.

The reason why the searches didn't check the wooded area close to the Anthony's home is because the area was flooded at the time of search.  I would think that it would be the perfect opportunity to hide a body there if it was flooded but everything comes together once you see the big picture.

The police are not saying for sure that it is Caylee but they are not aware of any other missing children in the area.

The Anthony's house has now been sealed off and is now presumed a crime scene. 

I knew all along that Casey Anthony was a killer and I hope she rots in hell for killing that beautiful little girl.

Casey Anthony is still in protective custody and remains in no contact with the other inmates.  I hope she gets to mingle with the other inmates so they can do to her what she did to her daughter.

Caylee has been missing since June.  Finally there is a break in the case.

I want to personally thank all the searchers and police for their help in trying to find this helpless little girl.

If you CLICK HERE you can see the Google map of where her body was found.

Where Caylee's possible remains were found



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