Four Christmas's Movie Review

Four Christmases - A Must See

I went to the movies on Sunday and there really wasn't much playing. There was only "Australia", which was so awful,  "Punisher: War Zone", which was going to be a guy movie that us girls didn't want to watch,  "Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa", and "Bolt" which were both cartoons and I wasn't in the mood for those.

I thought that Four Christmas's was going to be a funny movie because Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn were in it.

I was so right!  It was hilarious!  I usually don't laugh out loud in movies but I was laughing quite a bit.  Not as much as I laughed in "Role Model" but it was still funny.

I found the acting to be really great and I really believed that Reese (Kate) and Vince (Brad) were really in a relationship.  I even thought they made such a cute couple.

It was all about a new couple that were planning to forget Christmas with their families and go on a vacation.  When they got to the airport all of their flights had been cancelled and both of their families caught them on the news when reporters came up to them while they were waiting in line and asked them where they were going for Christmas. 

Now they had to spend Christmas with their families.  Both of their parents are divorced so they had to have 4 separate Christmas's.  As the movie progressed their families started to get to the couple and they start to bicker. 

They thought they knew everything about the other until their families start to tell family secrets and begin to ruin thier relationship.

I want to tell you more but I dont want to ruin the hilarity of it.  But trust me.. You need to go see it.

If you like comedies and you feel the need to get in the mood for Christmas it's a must see.  This Warner Brothers comedy made 16.8 million dollars over the 3 day weekend.

Have you seen any great movies lately?  If so.. Tell me about them.


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