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Seclusion Rooms In Schools

In 2004, Jonathan King was a special needs child that was diagnosed in kindergarten as having severe depression and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.  Jonathan hung himself at the young age of 13 with a cord that his teacher gave him to hold up his pants.

The school that Jonathan attended was in Murreyville, Georgia and they had a room where they would put kids that weren't behaving.  It was called the "time out room" and many kids were sent there that came out severely injured. 

Students of this school and many others were tortured in these rooms but were only to be left in there for no more than 15 minutes.  They were concrete rooms that usually had padded walls and had very small windows that were covered up.  The rooms had restraints for the children when they apparently acted out of line.  These rooms were only used if the child could not be handled inside the classroom. 

It's not just Jonathan King that was injured in these rooms.  Many autistic and special needs children were tortured and confined in these small spaces.

Jonathan's parents are now suing because they say their child was a "hugger" and would never harm anyone.  He use to sing in the school choir and go fishing with his father, Don.

This situation is similar to what is happening in care homes for the elderly all across the nation.  When you think you have left your loved one in special care and come to find out they have been abused all along.

I hope they sue the hell out of those bastards and get all the money that they deserve!

The shack where Jonathan King hanged himself is shown after his death. It is no individual used, a edifice authorised said.

This is the actual room that he was sent to at his school

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