Tisk Tisk Tisk Cisco

Cisco Adler Got Arrested

I guess since Cisco Adler has such a small penis and such huge balls he thinks he can punch anyone in the face.

On Wednesday Cisco had a show at The Hub in Fargo, North Dakota and after his show he got into a fight with some guy.  The bouncers were about to kick his ass out but he punched the guy in the face instead.

This is a case of a celebrity that thinks he's  a bit more famous than he actually is.  Could you even name one of his songs.. cause I can't. Come on.. You went out with Mischa Barton-who is famous for her cellulite ,weed smokin' and her DUI.  She certainly isn't famous because she's a good actress.

Mischa Barton cellulite

mischa-barton smoking

Mischa Barton DUI

Cisco Adler and Mischa Barton

Cisco was arrested and booked in the Cass County jail and spent some time in the slammer.

His ball.. i mean his bail was a measly $500 for being arrested for "simple assault."

Your welcome.


If you would like to see his not so big package.. CLICK HERE!!


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