Russian Roulette Gone Bad

Scott Ruffalo Shot Himself In The Head

Scott Ruffalo apparently pulled the trigger on himself.  He reportedly use to get really high and then play with firearms quite frequently.

Shaha Mishaal Adham (the woman that turned herself in on Tuesday), 27 was just released after her lawyer put out this statement...

"We expect the coroners report to show the shooting was a result of the victim's chronic playing of Russian Roulette and his dangerous playing with firearms while under the use of controlled substances."

Apprently Shaha left the scene after Scott shot himself in the head.  I am not sure why she left but her lawyer did say that she was sorry for leaving and it was a stupid move on her part.  She was there retrieving her keys from his apartment and saw the whole incident taking place.

Brian B. Scofield has also been released and cleared of all charges.

It's a shame that these kinds of tragedies happen everyday and people never learn from other peoples mistakes.

The Ruffalo family started a fund in Scott's memory.  Hopefully this fund will help other families get over the loss of their family members when they are in similar situations.

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