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"At The End Of My Leash"

Marley and Me

Have you ever seen the show on the Slice Network called "At The End Of My Leash?"  Well Brad Pattison from that show was at the movie premier I went to last night.  I thought that was so cool.  He was more attractive in person.  I yelled out, "I love your show" as he was walking down the stairs in the theatre and he said.. "thank you very much."  He talked a bit into the mic on the stage and said that if you take your dog out for a walk in the snow.. make sure you put them in booties or wash their paws off as soon as they get home because people put salt on the ground and it eats away at your dogs paws.


They also gave out "doggie bags" filled with scented poop bags and some business cards of good trainers and all.  It was fabulous.

First off let me say that this movie was amazing.  It was a movie you could take your family too.  It was a whole-hearted movie and I just loved it.  I laughed, I cried and everything in between.  I am a sap when it comes to dogs though so someone that doesnt like dogs should maybe not see this movie.

Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson were really good in this film.  The media keeps saying that Jennifer Aniston needed a movie to pick her career up again and this one was it. 

I found their acting to be great.  I could tell that they enjoyed making this movie.

Jennifer Aniston played a smart business woman named Jennifer Grogan who is in love with a down to earth guy named John Grogan played by Owen Wilson.  They get married and find that they want to start a family but John's friend Sebastian, played by Eric Dane tells him that he should buy Jennifer a dog first to see if that could prolong her from having a baby so soon.  So they buy a dog named Marley.

Marley turns out to be a fun loving dog but causes a lot of problems for the couple.  The couple grows and so does their family and you get to see a normal couple go through the problems of having a family that no one warns you about before you have one.

Also this cast consisted of Kathleen Turner who played a dog trainer named Ms. Kornblut and her character was hilarious.  The children were also great characters and added a great touch.  Alan Arkin was also in this movie.  You might recognize him from being in "Little Miss Sunshine."  He played John's boss and did a great job.

Some of the things I would change about this movie are that they tried to pull on your heart strings a bit too much and it should have moved along  a little quicker. 

Overall this movie is for someone who wants to feel great after leaving the theatre.  It doesn't have violence or swearing which was a refreshing change but it does have some sad parts so prepare yourself.  Take your family to this movie during Christmas and you won't be disappointed.

Go See "Marley and Me!"

Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson Marely and Me

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