Is the marriage over?

Jennifer & Mark Call it Quits?

Looks like JLo might be kicking Mark Anthony off her block.  She was caught at the premier of Benjamin Button and she wasnt wearing her wedding ring. 

Ok.. sometimes I find that I just don't want to wear certain rings, but then again I'm not married.  If I had a huge rock, your damn sure I would be wearing it everyday and making sure that it was in every photo opportunity..

I bet you that spoiled little rich girl took this opportunity to make a statement or just get her picture taken because she is a has been now.  It seems that once young Hollywood ladies have babies (except for Britney) their careers are over.  They are used goods now. :)

Ben Affleck must be laughing.

Ben Affleck Laughs

Why are they together anyways?  I never saw what she must have saw in him.   He always follows her creepily and he always has his hands on her back so he can keep control.  Apparently he tells her what to wear.  If any guy ever told me what to wear I would tell him to shove it up his ass.  Maybe that is what she is doing.  Who knows really.  I think she she go for George Clooney next.  The rumor is that Mark is falling for Eva Longoria Parker but I doubt she would go for him.


Hollywood is crazy!

Jennifer Lopez No Ring on US Weekly


Mark and JLo

Babies always test relationships


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