Remains found are Caylee's

Such Sad News

The skull that was found on December 11th by a meter maid named Roy Krunk is Caylee Anthony's.  They ran the DNA tests and it came back that it was Caylees unfortunatly.  I knew it would be though because no other child had been reported missing in that area.

Caylee Anthony has been missing for 6 months and f inally police and searchers can rest knowing that this mystery is almost solved. 

Casey is up against the charge of first degree murder.  She will not get the dealth penalty even though I think she should because prosecutors decided against it.

Something is very suspicious though because Roy Kronk ( the meter maid that found Caylee's remains) called the police 3 or 4 times in August and reported that he saw something suspicious.  

Why didn't the police go by there when they had been given a tip like that?  Why didn't Roy lead them there to show them instead of waiting since August for them to finally discover the body?

The whole situation doesn't make any sense to me.  

If you would like to see the video of Roy talking to the media about this.. please CLICK HERE. 

Also he is not the only one to give credible tips to the police.  KioMarie Cruz, a friend of Casey's, also told them that they use to hang out there all the time to get away from Casey's parents when they were driving her crazy.  They would stay there for hours.

It is such a shame that this had to happen.  Obviously Casey isn't a sane woman because no one who had all their marbles would do something like this to their own flesh and blood and not even feel any guilt.

Any theories on the story you would like to share with me?

How could she look so happy knowing that she killed her baby?Casey Anthony at club

Casey Anthony drunk

Casey Anthony in USA Flag

Little Caylee Anthony.  Such a little angel.


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