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Pam Anderson Needs a makeover

I understand that Pamela Anderson was the hottest blonde on TV in her skimpy little red bathing suit from Baywatch and everyone use to tune in to watch her run, but it's been like 15 years. 


Get your clothes back on!

Your hair is scraggly and you are way too tan.  You need to go to your natural color hair girl and remember to wear your pants.  Maybe she forgets to wear her pants because of all the champagne she drinks. 


Tone down your makeup too.

Remember when she use to look like this?


Sure she still has a hot body but she needs to get her face in check.  She looks so haggard and like an old drunk.

You are a mother don't forget.


Pamela Anderson has recently been "forgetting" to wear her pants lately and has been going out in public with just a top and underwear.  I know that no press is bad press, but when you look like a truck ran over you, you should know better.

What's with the toque anyways?  It's warm enough to go out of the house with no pants on, but you have to wear a toque?

WTF?  And what is with the Campbell's soup person?  Girl needs a huge makeover..

Your from Canada.. Show us Canadians that you aren't a has been and that you have a bit of class.  If you don't.. then please fake it for our sake.





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