Guys R Gold Diggers Too!

Guy Ritchie and Madonna are So Over

Remember when Guy Ritchie said that he didn't want a dime from Madonna because he had enough of his own?  Well now Madonna and Guy have come to an agreement in their divorce settlement and Madonna will give Guy anywhere from 76 million dollars to 92 million.


The soon to be x's have a estate in Wiltshire and depending on how much that home is worth that is how much Guy will get.

I don't know how I feel about this break up.  I don't think they ever made a good couple to begin with because he always looked like he was being whipped by Madonna or something. 

She is a very strong woman and you can't blame her for liking what she likes and not taking sh*t from anyone, so I am not surprised that this whole divorce happened.  She needs someone a lot tougher but not as tough as her because she is the one that needs to be in charge.

It also seems a little funny that now A-Rod (Alex Rodriguez) and Madonna are chummy chummy and hanging out all the time.  Of course his reps deny it all and say that they are just good friends.

Guys and gals cannot be friends so they must be doing the nasty and that is why Guy and Madonna broke up.

I just feel sorry for their kids.

Apparently Madonna is moving out of London and moving back to New York City. 

Now she can get rid of that fake British accent.

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