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Knocked Up

Well it seems as if Jennifer Aniston might have a new bun in her oven and it might be John Mayer'sA source came out and said, 

“Jennifer is over the moon. She doesn’t want to be a single mom, so she is willing to give John the chance to prove his parent potential.”

Apparently John Mayer had a bit of a drinking problem before, but now that they have discovered that Jennifer is perhaps pregnant, John is willing to do anything to keep her and their new baby as close to him as possible.

This would explain them being seen together once again being all lovey dovey.

I am not sure if I am happy about her being pregnant with his child.  I mean he's ok looking and all but if he had a drinking problem before than just because a baby has come into the picture doesn't mean that everything is going to be fine and dandy now..

I wish she would have had babies with Brad Pitt.  In my heart I believe that they were right for each other.  Just the same and Britney and Justin were meant to be.

Whatever happens I hope that Jennifer is happy because she deserves it as she has had a rough couple of years going through many men that just didn't work out for her.

Hopefully John will step up if she is pregnant. 

Good Luck you too!!

Perhaps this kiss is what lead to the pregnancy.  :)

Update:  Jennifer Aniston is NOT preggers!

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