Jennifer Hudson's family killed

Family Members of Jennifer Hudson shot to death

The Oscar winning actress/singer, Jennifer Hudson's mother and brother, Jason and 57-year-old Darnell Hudson were shot to death in their Chicago home.

At around 3:00 PM today they were found by Jennifer's cousin who lived by.

The shooting is believed to be because of a home invasion and now her little nephew, Julian King who is just 7 years old is missing as well.

Police are investigating where the little boy might be and are saying that a 1994 white SUV with License plate # X58485 was scene by the area when the incident took place.

I can't imagine what she is going through right now but our prayers are with her and the rest of her family.

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  1. AWWWEE!! i reaally fell srry for her that she lost her mom and brother and nephew!! :( i hopee the best for her and that they find the person that did that!!!