Another New Beyonce

"Single Ladies"

This new song by Beyonce is called "Single Ladies" aka "Put A Ring On It."  It's about being with a guy and if he loves you enough and he likes what he sees than he should put a ring on the woman's finger and not just date them for 100 years because they are afraid of commitment.

The concept of the song is good cause guys should step up and marry the woman that they love but the song kinda blows.

It's way too repetivie.  It does sound a lot like Beyonce's other songs too so she should have changed it up a bit.  

I do give her credit for writing her own songs though.

This video is pretty boring as well. 

All she does it dance around the whole video.  She does dance well and she probably practiced it a zillion times, but they should have switched it to a different scene in the background instead of it being black and white the whole damn time.

Also.. what is with the stupid glove she's wearing on her arm?? It's like futuristic. 

Isn't it suppose to be a ring and not a glove.


What do you think??  Do you like the song or the video??

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