Britney's Sex Tape??

Britney & Adnan Get It On

I knew that Adnan Ghalib was a complete loser asshole.. but I didn't think he would go down this low. 

He apparently was in the sack with Britney for 2 hours while she wore her famous pink wig. 

A big porn site is trying to buy it from Adnan for 10 million dollars but Britney ain't havin' it. 

She's apparently willing to pay anything to keep that shit off the net.

I'm not going to lie.. I hope Adnan wins. 

That would be the ulitmate sex tape.  Britney in the wig..

Would you watch it???  I know that I would.. :)





  1. I bet he's full of crap! I bet theirs no tape at all. He probably just told her that he taped it so that he can get some publicity out of it.

  2. Ya he's totally full of crap, but I ain't gonna lie.. I'd watch it on repeat.