Britney's New Website Launch


Britney is back with a vengeance. 

Her new website launched today.  There are some glitches but after all it is it's first day.  It takes a while to get everything up and running smoothly.

There are a lot of pictures on there.  Most of which I have seen but there are a few that are new to even me.

The theme of her website is that she can give us a look into her life that the paparazzi can't which she has failed so far. 

The website isn't pretty and it doesn't scream Britney to me.

There isn't much new info on there either. 

If she had a daily video blog or some intimate pictures of just her and her friends it would be far more interesting than just pictures that have been in magazines before.

Go to her website and see for yourself and tell me what you think about it.

Here is Britney introducing her new website..

1 comment:

  1. The black and white video quality really brings out her mustache.