Celine Dion Concert Review

"Concert Review"

So I went to the Celine Dion concert and it was great.  She has such an amazing voice.

She had about 5 costume changes which were nice but I was hoping for much more.  I was expecting to see something grand like the way Cher does her concerts.  Just wayyyyyyy out there.

First she came out in a pink dress that had a lot of sparkles on it.  It was a short cocktail type of dress.

For her secound costume change she came out in sparkly black pants, a black shirt and this funky hippish vest.

Then the most amazing costume.... A silver and black egyptian type dress with a humungous white cape.  It was the most amazing cape I have ever seen.  It took half the stage up.  She wore that costume for "All Eyes On Me."  That song has a bit of a egyptian feel in it so I guess she went all out.

That was the most amazing thing at the concert for me.  I really want one.. :)

I saw Renee ( her husband ) sitting in the back stage booth with my binoculars as well.

He didn't clap for her when she sang but I guess he has probably heard those songs a million times.  Maybe he wanted to focus on her singing or something.

He didn't stay for the whole concert either.  Unless he moved to another seat or somewhere that I couldn't see.  I think that they are such a great couple though.  I really see them happily together forever.  It's really nice to see that in stars.  It makes me really look up to them.

The concert was good except I left kinda wanting more.  She sang for about an hour and 20 minutes and did 1 encore.  ( which wasn't enough :( )

The concert started at 8 and her opening act was Gordie Brown.  He is a comedian that stars in Las Vegas at the Venetian Hotel. He had a show at The Golden Nugget before and he made an estimated $$6 million dollars$$ but now he must be making a hell of a lot more than that for the Celine concert for 6 months as well as working at a higher ended hotel in the heart of the Las Vegas strip.

He was really funny.

Celine sang a few Queen songs which I didn't go to Celine to hear Queen but I guess she really liked the songs..


She sang "My Heart Will Go On" of course and yes.. she did pound her chest.

Overall .. It was a great concert because she sounded amazing.

We then took a cab back to our car and it was stolen...

So overall the concert was great but my night kinda sucked.  I stayed up till 2am driving around looking for it to see if someone had abandoned it anywhere..

No luck..


Gordie Brown On David Letterman

Here is Bruce Springstein with "Stolen Car"

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