Return The Flavor

New Video by Timbaland

Keri Hilson and Timbaland have made a great song called, "Return The Flavour" and the video is brand new.

Keri really changes her look all the time.  She looks like a completely different person in all the videos she has ever been in.

Must be all the different weaves. :)

I really like this song but I would like it a lot more if they remixed it.

The video on the other hand is good except for Timbaland's part.  He always plays the creepy guy watching through a camera.  All he ever does is make short appearances by sitting in a chair through the whole thing.

Keri Hilson does look extremely smokin' in this music video though. 

She does copy Rihanna's video "SOS" though at 1:14 when she is in a mirror wearing a pink "dress."

Check that video out HERE

It also looks a lot like the "Umbrella" video because of her swishing around in the water.

Click HERE to watch "Umbrella".

What do you think?

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