Heather Locklear's mugshot

Heather Got Busted

Heather Locklear, 47 was arrested on Saturday, Sept 27th for suspicion of driving while under the influence..

Let me tell you.. by the looks of her when she got her mug shot she shouldn't of been driving because she was a wreck.. Like an absolute wreck.

She looks like she is either so fried on some type of drug or the woman's gone mad.

I feel sorry for her.  Even though she shouldn't have been driving.. you must be really sad in life to be that fucked up.

A paparazzi is the one that called her in to 911 for driving erratically and then they sold the story about her too.

She was recently in a rehab for a while for depression according to her people but rumor has it she was in there for pill popping.



Doesn't she look crazy? 


  1. She actually looks pretty good given she's not wearing any makeup.. But she looks like any other cougar out there, really nothing special. I must give her props for her age tho, what is she? 50 now?