Do you love Makeup?

"Monroe Misfit Makeup"

If you like doing your makeup as much as I do and your looking for more ideas on what to do when you go out to a club or just for a fancy night out, then you should check out this chick I found on

She goes by the alias of "Monroemisfitmakeup" and she does her makeup awesomely.  She is a club girl so all her makeup is over embellished but it's all very wonderful. 

Need ideas on how to do your makeup for Halloween or just a night on the town? Then watch all her videos.  They are all superb. 

She's super pretty too so guys will enjoy watching it as well.


Hope you like her..


  1. She must be a make up artist.. it would be fun if you could wear make up like that all the time!

  2. Isn't she talented..I just love her!!!