Britney's Side

"For The Record"

It has been a rough couple of years for Miss Britney Spears and she has sure done a lot of pretty crazy and drastic things.

She wants to tell her side of the story and let people into her life and tell everyone what she was thinking and why she did all the crazy things she did. 

So she has made a documentary about herself called "For The Record."  It will air on November 30th, which is a Sunday.  That just happens to be 2 days before her new CD launch, called "Circus." 

What a coincidence that one is.

Oh well I am still so freakin' excited about it.

No matter what Britney does I just love her.  It's a sick addiction really. :)

Here is a clip of the documentary.  I hope she tells us all the juicy little details about her life.

I can't wait!!!!!

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