Nick Hogan Out Of The Slammer

Nicks Outta Jail

Nick Hogan has been in jail for 166 days of an eight-month sentence because the family of the former Marine John Graziano requested that his sentence be lighted. 

He was originally suppose to be in there for 5 years for driving while intoxicated and putting his friend John into a vegetable state where he will need medical care for the rest of his life.

I am sure that Nick didn't get into the car crash on purpose but you have to think of the consequences before you get behind the wheel of a vehicle.  You should never have a drink and drive. 

It is never worth it!

Nick's license will also be suspended for 3 more years.  He also has to do community service for 500 hours.  Which is nothing..

It's great that Brooke Hogan stood by her brother and all because that is your flesh and blood and that is more than I can say for his mother Linda.  Brooke has more of her shit together than her mom.  Linda is out screwing a 19 year old while her kid screwed up badly.

Brooke even got a new tramp stamp for the occasion of her brother getting out of jail.  It seems awfully funny that she would get a tattoo on her lower back because her mother has one with Hulk's initials (Terry Bollea) on her back with a heart and Brooke called it a tramp stamp and now Brooke got one. 

So weird..

Check out Linda and Brooke talking about the tramp stamp from Brooke's reality show, "Brooke Knows Best" HERE.

Do you think that Nick got outta jail too fast??

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