Happy October!!!!!

Leslie Star's Weekend

Leslie Star has converted for the holidays.  I love Halloween!!!  I love it because you can be anyone you want to be just for that night.

What is it that woman want to be not just something gooey and gross like a zombie but they have to be something slutty..?? Example.. Slut Witch or Skanky Nurse..

Like this year I am going to a huge party and I am dressing up like a dominatrix. (yes, yes I will put up pictures) I have bought the whip and the black rubber costume.  I also have my wonderful strip boots that are black vinyl.  So excited.  The best costume prize is $10,000.  That would be so amazing to have.

So this weekend I went out for dinner with a few friends on Friday and got home around 10:00.  I also signed up for ZIPCAR.  I am so excited to drive one around. 

On Saturday I went and watched a soccer game in the pouring rain and then we all went to my friend's house to have a party.  Everything was fine and dandy till I went into my friend's spare bedroom to lay down for just a secound and woke up the next morning. 
I missed the whole party :( .  Apparently it was an amazing party too.  Damn it all...

There is a whole bunch of new songs as well so I will post about those later.

I know it's a little early but what are you going to be for Halloween?