How to get over a break up

How to get yourself back

  1. It all takes time to get over someone.  How much time you ask?  It takes about half the time you went out with the person.  If you were dating for 4 years it will probably take 2 years to fully get over them.  I know that it sounds like a long time but you won't be crying the whole time.  It takes a while for your heart to heal and fully recover.

  2. Don't burn or rip up the pictures that you have of the other person.  I have never done that before.  I like to look at what we use to be sometimes.  If you rip up everything you will have nothing left.  Just keep all your break up stuff in a box in your closet or something because you might want to take it out and look at them all one day. 

  3. Watch some sad romantic movies.  That always helps me.  I find that if you get out all the tears and sadness right at the beginning it gets nothing but easier after.

  4. If you are going through a intense break up it helps to have friends and family to cry on.  That's why it is so important to not sell out your friends when you were in that relationship. 

  5. Have a girls night and listen to some good music or maybe go out and watch some strippers for a laugh or go to a club and get bombed.  For every break up you need one of those.  That's what friends are for. :)

  6. If you are a boy in this break up situation.. Go out with the boys and cruise the town or go and watch woman strip and get wasted.  The cure is pretty much the same no matter what gender you are.  You really need to party your sorrows away.

  7. Discover yourself.  When you were in that relationship you probably lost yourself and started liking everything that your partner once liked.  You should find out what you are good at now and take up a dance class or start going to the gym or pottery classes.  You need something that you can call your own.

  8. Make a really good cd for yourself to listen to when you are sad.  Put songs that make you happy and song that you can dance too.  Exercise to it so that if you do see your ex, you will look so fine that they will want you back but you won't want them.. That's the best feeling.

  9. Write some poems about how sad you are.  You don't have to show them to the world or anything but it should make you feel better to write down what you are feeling.  That really helps me.

  10. Go for walks.  Take time and think about things that you never had time to do before because you were going to his or her house.  I find it relaxing to go for walks with my iPod and just think about how to get your life back in order and take control of it.

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