How to get a guy wanting you and only you.

  1. Act like you could care less about him.

  2. Always look your best and keep yourself manicured.

  3. Pay attention to detail.  Remember what he says because guys like to talk about themselves.

  4. Be as confident as you can be because confidence is SEXY

  5. Look them in the eye as much as you can even though you might be nervous.. But try not too look creepy when you are doing it.

  6. Always act busy.. People want what they can't have. (Always act available but never be)

  7. Just be yourself.. No one wants a faker..

  8. Pay attention to his likes and dislikes and find a common interest.. But don't fake an interest.. For example.. Don't say you like football if you really don't because when he asks you stuff about it and you don't know anything you will look like a dumb bitch.

  9. Don't lie about your age.  They will always find out.

  10. Get yourself established first and don't be clingy.  Men hate woman who cant handle being by themselves and want to spend every single day and minute with them.

  11. Try to be nurturing even if a guy acts macho and tough he really wants to be babied. He wants you to be like his mommy.

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  1. lol I love #1... Straight to a guys heart! =)