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I thought I would start out with a bang. This is DAVID BECKHAM, the hottest guy on the planet. There will never be anyone hotter than him. Everything he does is perfect to me. I have worshiped Mr. Beckham ever since the first time I saw him. I'm kind of mad at Victoria for stealing him away from me.. But I'll be alright. If I could just meet him for one day I would do so many naughty things to him. :) On the beautiful day of May 3rd 1975 a little David Robert Joseph Beckham was born. God Bless his parents for doing me the favor of bringing him into this world for me to look at.  If only he wouldn't talk because he sounds like a chipmunk.

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  1. umm i would have to say that he is probably one of the sexiest men i have ever laid eyes on... for a white boy.

    haha love the site.