How to plan a great party!!!

I always try and be the best hostess at the parties that I throw and ways that I do that are easy.

  1. Make sure you have enough food for everybody to last all night because everyone wants something to munch on while they are drinking.  Also have food with variety.  Not everyone likes the same thing.

  2. Invite people to the party that you think will go good together.  There is nothing worse then showing up to a party where you walk in and everyone gives you the evil stares and whispers.. "Who is that girl??".  Introduce everyone right away so they don't feel awkward not knowing everybody half way through the party.

  3. Have something fun to do.  Whether it be a video game, board games, a drinking contest or cards or something. 

  4. Make sure you have a variety of good music so everybody will know most of the songs. 

  5. Make room for a little dance floor.  When people get a little tipsy and they here "their song" they just want to get up and make a fool out of themselves.. So let them..

  6. Take lots of pictures.  Everyone probably wont remember what they did that night so take lots of embarassing photos and maybe post them on .

  7. Plan ahead to make room for people to stay over.  You don't want them driving home when they have had too much to drink.  Wash all your beddings and stuff so they will have some comfy blankets to sleep with.

  8. Make a little gift bag for them to take home with treats or make them all wear the same color or have a themed party.  Those are always the best.

  9. Have a surprise for them like lottery tickets for who dances the best or pass out treats periodically through the night that way no one gets bored.

  10. Ask people if they are having fun and always let the party be about them. Also try to keep them busy if you can because then they will come to another one of your fantastic events.

  11. Have lots of places for people to park when they come so they don't have to walk a mile to get to your destination.

  12. Have two bowl of punch perhaps.  One with Liquor in it and make one a virgin so everyone has something to drink.

  13. Make sure you decorate.  Have streamers, balloons and confetti if it's a birthday party or if you are going for a themed party you can go crazy and order things on line or go to dollar stores for your decor because its so cheap and you may only end up using it once.

  14. Have enough seats for everyone.  There is nothing worse than standing up the whole night or even sitting on the floor.

  15. Try and keep a few windows opened as well because with all those extra people the place might get hot and people might be too shy to tell you and then they will be suffering all night.

  16. Most of all just let people be themselves and try to relax as much as possible because if you are uptight everyone can pick up on it and will be nervous and not able to just chill and have a good time.

  17. Have lots of garbage bags or garbage cans available so that the mess in the morning won't be as bad.  Clean up periodically through the night so that it won't be a nightmare when you get up with a hangover.

  18. Make sure everyone drinks a lot of water.  If you drink equal amounts of water compared to booze you wont feel as bad in the morning.  Buy lots of bottles of water so everyone doesnt have to drink nasty tap water.

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