Fashion advice for noobs.

First and foremost don't be afraid to go into a store and try on things that you would normally not even look at. You might be be pleasantly surprised.

  1. Its a great idea to go to second hand stores and look around a little. You can find great vintage stuff. I know that most of the stores stink and so do the clothes when you bring them home but its nothing a little laundry soap wont fix.

  2. Save up and purchase clothes that are a bit more expensive. It is not always the case but usually you get what you pay for. The quality will be finer and the clothing will usually last longer and you wont get mysterious holes in your armpits when you wash it once or twice. Also the stitching is stronger and your buttons wont pop off and your zippers wont break as fast.

  3. You can shop at expensive stores too if you don't have any money. Just look on the sale rack. I bought a shirt today that was $50 and I paid $9 for it.
    It helps to bring a friend with you too so they can judge you when you come out of the dressing room. Just say to them.. "Do you think this is worth 30$" if they say no it would be a wise decision to quickly get rid of it before your shopping addiction takes over and you buy it anyway.

  4. Look through magazines or watch the fashion channel and see what colors are in style. You don't even have to wear what is in style. If you like what you are wearing and you feel good in it.. you never know, you may start your own fashion trend.

  5. Always have a black dress hanging in your closet for when you need to go to a holiday party or a fancy dinner. I have had nothing to wear to parties before and I have panicked and that little black dress saved my ass. They always come in handy.

  6. No one can have too many white t shirts or too many pairs of jeans. You can always dress jeans up or down.

  7. Get a funky colored bag that you can wear with a lot of things. Everyone loves purses and colors that pop.

  8. Wear some unique and big jewelery but remember.. Simple is better. Don't go too crazy with too many accessories because you will end up looking like a fool instead of the DIVA that you are. Just pick one accessory and wear it to its fullest.

  9. Buy cute little black or brown pumps or flats that are comfortable. Wear them around the store for a good 5 minutes before you buy them because you never know when that shoe can start rubbing and you will get blisters. Those are the worst let me tell ya. A good pair of flats you can dress up for work or wear with a pair of jeans and it will look super cute.

  10. Buy a pair of nylons that has print or some design on it because it attracts attention and a simple outfit can turn into a stylish one with just a pair of stockings.

  11. Buy some universal colors that will go with anything so you can mix and match your outfits.

  12. Black might be the best shade that goes with everything but try and stay away from a lot of black unless you like the goth look. It might make you look skinnier but if you are wearing clothes that properly fit you they will make you look that way no matter what color the clothes are.

  13. If the size that you try on scares you because it is a much higher number than you would like.. DON'T PANIC!!! You have to buy clothes that fit you and not buy them because you still want to be a size 8 but now your actually a size 11. Everyone can tell that that its too tight so just suck it up and buy stuff that fits you.

  14. Don't put too many of the same designers together. If you can afford Louis Vuitton don't wear it all at the same time because it will look like you are trying to hard. A little bit of LV goes a looooooong way.

  15. Please don't wear pink and red together. That never ends up going well. And last but not least.. Don't mix up patterns either. Stripes, flowers and polka dots were not meant to meet each other.


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