Weekend of Sickness

Lazy Bones

I pretty much did absolutely nothing this weekend cause I was so sick with a cold. I caught it from my boyfriend.. Too much kissy, kissy I guess.

I basically just layed on the couch and watched TV and movies. I watched "Bee Movie", which was really cute for a cartoon because usually I hate cartoons. I also watched "No Country for Old men" That was really twisted but good too. Both of those movies I fell asleep at the end of them. Oh I watched "Balls of Fury" too.  That one was a really stupid movie about ping pong competitions.

 I am just about to go to sleep now but felt guilty for not writing something new for a while. I will leave with a great video that will cheer people up if they are sick. It's Jim Carey as Fire Marshall Bill.. Hilarious... :)

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  1. Jim is amazing.. check this one out if you like CSI http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=glvGfQnx3DI&feature=related