How to be in tune with your partner..


I realize that it might be hard sometimes for lovers to keep each other on the right track but here are some tips to help out when times get rough. 

1.Never go to bed angry.  There is no chance of waking up on the right side of the bed and trying to work things out in the morning is almost impossible.  Nothing good can come from waking up frustrated.  Mornings are busy enough without fighting the whole time.

2.Always keep the other person in mind when you are out doing your own thing.  Call them when they are least expecting it and you will get major points.

3.Buy flowers when it’s not a special occasion.  It really makes the other person feel special for the day.

4.Write a letter and send it off in the mail if you don't live together.  If you do live in the same house write them notes and leave them around the house or send them an email.

5.When you are in an argument keep in mind that you will make up eventually and try and keep your cool.  Prove your point and then try and drop it.

6.Tell your loved one that they are appreciated and that you are proud of them.  Everyone wants to hear that someone is proud of what they do.

7.Always tell them that you love them.  It's a wonderful thing to say and to hear.

8.Try to be forgiving when they screw up.  Forgiveness is key to a great long lasting relationship.  But don't be too forgiving because you will be walked all over. 

9.If you have enough money for it, go to counselling.  It's not just for people who have big problems and who are trying to save their marriage.  It can help before things get to that point.  They might tell you both a way of thinking that might have never thought of before.

10.Be honest no matter what happens.  Honesty is the best policy.  No one wants to be with a liar.

11.When she asks if she looks fat in this.. SAY NO, WITHOUT HESITATION!!!!

12.Stay home and watch movies on the days that you have nothing to do.  Just curl up on the couch and relax and eat some popcorn.  It is good to have just time to relax with one another.  Try unplugging the phone too so you don't get bothered in the good parts.

13.Make your partner feel like they are first priority.  No one wants to feel like they are second best. 

14.When you say you are going to be somewhere at a certain time be there.. They are probably waiting for you and growing angrier by the second cause you didn’t show up or call to say you were going to be late.

15.Give each other hugs and kisses all the time.  But not too much is public because no one wants to see people making out on the street.. It's disgusting for some reason.

16.Go out for a walk when you both have a little spare time.  Those who get fit together usually stay together.  Go enjoy some sunshine.

17.Try not to say things to the other that you don't mean. It is easy to forgive but not easy to forget.

18.The key to a man's heart is through sex and food so try to learn how to cook and if you have a hard time being sexy take a pole dancing class or something to get sexy back..J It is necessary to keep yourself in shape so that you feel sexy enough to make love your better half.

19.It is important to remember special days like your anniversary or Valentine's Day.  Even if you have no money try and make something for the other or give a back massage.  It's not difficult to try and make the other person feel wanted.

20.Be confident in yourself and your partner.  Your relationship with a bit of work can be the thing in life that you are the most proud of.




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  1. haha, girl!!

    I don't think that people should be together if they are going to councelling before they are even married!!!