Amy Winehouse... a cheater???

I knew that Amy Winehouse is an incredible singer and she has a horrible drug addiction but I thought she loved her husband Blake so much. She has Blake tattooed on her boob!!! He's been in jail for a long time now and she is cheating on him with her manager's assistant, Alex Haynes.

Amy Winehouse is 24 years old and Blake is 25, and he is spending time in Pentonville Prison in London. Amy and Blake have even been offered a 2 million dollar book deal to talk about their marriage. Since he has been in jail he overdosed on heroin and Amy has publically visited him many times. I think their relationship is a lot of drama but she should have got a divorced before she started sleeping with Alex. Amy went to the jail on Monday and told Blake that their marriage was over. Her new man is apparently a good boy and doesn't do any drugs. How could he find her still attractive after all, her face is rotting away.

Poor Amy.

Lucky her dad is helping her get better by trying to put her away in a mental hospital for awhile because rehab didn't work for her.

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